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Since the early 2000s still strong demand plus reinsurance on the quality and traceability of agricultural MP pushed four cooperative groups of the Great West to establish a direct supply of vegetable protein chain. With the support of a team of independent professionals, this has led to the creation in 2005 of the company SOLTEAM.

The development of our business based on a business model where the idea of ​​partnership makes sense through a commitment over the long term with both suppliers and customers and logistics providers.

We took a progressively important role in the import of soybean meal traces for the French animal industries we supply quality through the ports of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Today our marketing activity is provided by a team of 6 people based in Nantes. Benoit, William and Lawrence are in daily contact with markets and provide commercial support to customers. They are assisted by Coralie, Agnes and Caroline in the implementation and administration of sales.

A HACCP (risk management) certified under the GTP repository (Good Trading Practice) gives us the control necessary to meet regulatory requirements and specifications of our customers.


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